"How do I book a lesson?"

You can get in touch with us in the following ways:

Text us on 07446 146 565 ,

Message us through our Facebook page.

Email us at admin@a-auto.co.uk

Use the contact form

"What should I bring with me?"

Please bring your photocard licence and a valid DVSA licence check code ( Available here) to enable our instructor to check your licence. If you can supply this information prior to your first appointment, the instructor can make all necessary checks beforehand and will only need to see your licence for I.D. purposes.

"How should I pay for my lesson?"

The vast majority of students choose to send payment online, but we also accept cash and PayPal by prior arrangement.

"What if I need to cancel or change my lesson?"

We aim to be as accommodating as possible, however, you must give us a minimum of 24hrs notice if you cannot attend your appointment, or you will be charged for the session.

"What changes are being made to the test this year?"

The practical driving test is being updated from the 4th December 2017. This new version of the driving test is aimed to better reflect the demands on modern drivers. You can read all about the changes HERE, or watch a short video HERE.

"What test centres do you use?"

We mainly use Cobridge Driving Test Centre and occasionally Buxton Driving Test Centre.

"I have a test appointment soon. Are you able to take me?"

We will only attend tests which have been booked in agreement with our instructor.